[mmm] Metaverse Mode Maker

A new “AI Assisted” fashion design and walking expressions.


The showing will come soon!


Metaverse Mode Maker is a proof-of-concept project for a new UGC-UX in the REALITY metaverse.

We are focusing on user generated contents(UGC) in “mode” (=fashion coordination) by generative AI to supporting user inspiration and motions.
The users select a base style on our REALITY. app. Then you might want to design it in VR.
But… Do you really want to draw whole textures? In VR?
Our demo project can see a new AI supported fashion coordination system.
You can join to create new design in VR and your published design will be shared on our database, it can protect your originality.

Using QueTra, our motion capture tool for Meta Quest, users will be able to create upper-body animations. In addition, we plan to also use mocopi, SONY’s new mobile motion capture device.
Express your upper body performance by merging it with beautiful walking motion thanks to our AI Fusion technologies.
You can also perfom music play with original designs and motions.
Through online voting by VibeShare YouTubeLive, the creation can be cheered from around the world!

This project will enforce avatar-driven UGC to drive the future value of the Metaverse and make people more creative to develop personal brand and non-verbal, inter-cultural communication.
We were always connected.
Where, with whom and how will we connect in the future?
In somewhere we’ve never seen before, by a new kind of communication.
“We can be whoever we want.”
REALITY GREE VR Studio Laboratory

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