“Back to Metaver-School” – a blooming future of Metaverse in REALITY

“Back to Metaver-School” – a blooming future of Metaverse in REALITY


本映像プロジェクトは、REALITY株式会社GREE VR Studio Laboratoryが、近未来のメタバース技術やユーザー体験を可視化するために制作したものです。

Spring has come! It’s “Back to School” season in our metaverse.
You are a newbie today. Various avatars are living in Metaver-School. Senior students present their play, new class, new teacher and new friends…! How can you start a blooming new life?
“We can be whoever we want!”
This film project is made by GREE VR Studio Laboratory, REALITY Inc. to visualize near-future metaverse technologies and user experiences.

“Back to Metaver-School” – a blooming future of Metaverse in REALITY


Miku Yahagi Damivo Belle Puffs Taka REALITE
Avatar generation system by REALITY

Cameo appearance: Mojo – Tomoyuki Sugiyama
OpenMojo project by Digital Hollywood University

[GREE VR Studio Laboratory] #GREEVRStudioLab

Storyboard & Casting : Tomosuke Nakano
Environment & 3DUI : Takanori Horibe
Music animation system: Miku Takemasa
Research: Yusuke Yamazaki
Technical Director: Kato – Yahagi – Takuma
Producer & Director: Akihiko SHIRAI

[Production and Acknowledgments]

Film Editing: Setsuna Creation, GK.
Lyricist: C. Yaca
Music Rights Management: Soma Saito, Yuto Sakata (REALITY, Inc.)
Music Supervisor: Fumiyoshi Kamo
Guitar play: Norimasa Nagata
Made by Unity
Avatar by REALITY.app #REALITY
Executive Producer: Eiji Araki / DJ RIO, REALITY, Inc.
And all REALITY users!

Special Contents


Behind the scenes

This project tackled to realize new user experiences within Japanese anime style school life metaverse. Performance was tested on current HMD with bunch of actual avatars. As a result, real-time UX were illustrated which has walking in throng of people, music plays and reactions compatible with smartphone based metaverse, “REALITY.app”.


■「REALITY」とは https://reality.app

■What is “REALITY”? https://reality.app
REALITY is a virtual live-streaming application for smartphones. Users can create their own original avatars with simple operations, communicate with viewers through realistic live-streaming using motion-capture technology, and monetize the gifts they receive. In addition, programs featuring popular VTubers are regularly distributed, and we continue to propose cutting-edge metaverse entertainment in anticipation of the spread of 5G and VR/AR.

■ GREE VR Studio Laboratoryとは https://vr.gree.net/lab/
GREE VR Studio Laboratoryは、グリーグループでXRライブエンタメ事業を推進するREALITY株式会社( https://reality.inc )の研究開発部門です。バーチャルライブ配信アプリ「REALITY」が持つ知見や経験を、日本国内の大学・企業・研究機関等と共有し、知財開発およびスピード感のある社会実装、品質向上、技術発信によってメタバースの未来開拓に貢献しています。

■ About GREE VR Studio Laboratory https://vr.gree.net/lab/
GREE VR Studio Laboratory is the research and development division of REALITY Inc. ( https://reality.inc ), which promotes the XR Live Entertainment business within the GREE Group. We share the knowledge and experience of our virtual live-streaming application “REALITY” with universities, companies, and research institutions, and contribute to the future of the Metaverse through the development of intellectual property, speedy social implementation, quality improvement, and technology dissemination.

(C) GREE, Inc. / (C) REALITY, Inc. / GREE VR Studio Laboratory 2022 / Song "JOURNEY" by KMNZ © REALITY/ficty


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