Articles in Medium

Here are some English articles on Medium.

Real Life of a virtual intern at GREE VR Studio Laboratory

The final report by Liudmila Bredikhina in GREE VR Studio Laboratory. (Oct 30, 2020)

VTech Challenge 2020: Solving social issues caused by COVID-19

The final stage of VTech Challenge 2020, which is a hack-a-thon event using Mozilla Hubs. (Oct 30, 2020)

Kids’ workshop using Mozilla Hubs

“Let’s study about Live Entertainment production in WebVR!”. Kids were offered the opportunity to produce live entertainment in Mozilla Hubs. (Oct 29, 2020)

Virtual Being World 2020: “New Play Together!” in SIGGRAPH BoF

We have organized our VR international pitch event for Virtual Beings. (Oct 29, 2020)

VRSionUp!8: Meetup in Online WebVR events

Report about “WebVR Online Event Development”. (Oct 20, 2020)

EMTECH: “Research and Development for Avatar-Driven Virtual Society in VR4.0 Era”

Conference report which is held in Paris France (Oct 16, 2020)

VRSionUp!7 — Hubs Study — Meetup event in Mozilla Hubs

Internship Report from Virtual Beings, a first meetup in Hubs event. (Oct 14, 2020)

IEEEVR2020: “Avatar Driven VR Society Trends in Japan”

A first report by Liudmila Bredikhina, Research Intern / University of Geneva (Jul 6, 2020)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Real-Time Live! Full scenario and feedback

We have demonstrated “Real-Time Live” in SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Brisbane. The title is “Global Bidirectional Remote Haptic Live Entertainment by Virtual Beings”. (Nov 21, 2019)

GREE VR Studio Lab, Intern Report — Rex Hsieh

Internship report by Rex HSIEH (Nov 12, 2019)

Experience in ACM Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA2019) Paris, France

My name is Rex Hsieh, an intern at GREE VR Studio Lab and a 3rd year doctoral student in Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT). (Jul 27, 2019)

“VTuber x Technology: What Is a VTuber”

An Interview with Dr. Shirai, Director of GREE VR Studio Lab. (Mar 11, 2019)