Application Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

i. Scope

This “Fishing Star VR” Application Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) sets forth the handling of personal information on the “Fishing Star VR” game application (the “App”) for the VR device (limited to the VR device that can use the “Android” OS provided by Google, Inc.; the “VR Device”) provided by GREE, Inc. (the “Company”).

2. Collection of Personal Information; Purpose of Use

i. List of information that will be collected

The Company may collect the following information from you in connection with the provision of the App:

  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Payment information
  • Username
  • IP address
  • Usage of the App
  • Information provided when making an inquiry
  • Android ID
  • Google account
  • advertising ID
  • Identifying information for the VR Device

ii. Purpose of use

The Company will use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • Providing the services of the App
  • Transferring the usage of the App
  • Setting maximum charges based on age and calculating the charges
  • Measuring, studying, and analyzing the usage of the App and the results of implementing various measures
  • Conducting marketing research and surveys
  • Improving the App and fixing bugs
  • Introducing various services, promotions, campaigns, events, etc. operated by the Company or a third party
  • Displaying advertisements and optimizing the content of such advertisements
  • Rectifying any violations of the Terms of Use
  • Handling inquiries (including identity verification)
  • Providing information to the third parties (including joint users) set forth in “3. Provision to Third Parties; Information Collection Module”

However, with regard to any information that has been statistically processed so that individual customers cannot be identified, we may use such information for purposes other than those listed above.

3. Provision to Third Parties; Information Collection Module

i. Provision to third parties

In the following cases, the Company may disclose personal information to both domestic and foreign third parties.

  • The Company outsources work to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use
  • The Company reasonably determines that disclosure is necessary to comply with the applicable laws and regulations (including laws and regulations outside of your country of residence) or legal proceedings
  • The Company performs a merger, corporate spin-off, transfer of business, or disposes all or some of the Company’s business, assets, or stock (including cases where it is performed in connection with bankruptcy or similar proceedings)
  • Disclosure is necessary to protect a person’s life, body, or property, or to preserve and secure the operation, rights, privacy, safety, or assets of the Company, its subsidiary or affiliate, customer, or any other information provider (including cases where it is necessary to comply with the various terms and conditions that apply to the provision of the App, or for the Company to seek available remedies or to limit the damages that may be incurred by the Company)
  • Disclosure is necessary to improve public health or to promote the healthy development of children
  • Cooperation is requested by a national government body, local government, or a contractor for such body (including government bodies, groups, and public agencies outside of your country of residence, or contractors for such bodies)
  • You give express consent to the Company to make a disclosure to a third party

ii. Information collection module

The App contains the following information collection module provided by the following third party for purposes such as providing the features included in the App, displaying advertisements, and analyzing usage. With regard to the purpose of use, etc. of the information that will be collected or has been collected through such information collection module, please review the privacy policy provided by each company providing an information collection module:

  • Microsoft “HockeyApp
    (For the purpose of examining the download status and crash report for the App)

4. Method of Notices, Announcements, or Obtaining Consent; Method of User Involvement

i. Notices and announcements

This Policy is posted and announced on the initial startup screen and the help page on the App as well as on the privacy policy link that is found on the download page for the App in the app store (Google Play). The Company may amend this Policy, and any important changes will be announced on the App or each posting location. The amended Policy will apply starting from the time when it is posted on the App or each posting location.

ii. Method for obtaining consent

Please use the App after you have reviewed and agreed to the Terms of Use and this Policy. By using the App (in the case of an amended Policy, by continuing to use the App after the amendment), you will be deemed to have agreed to this Policy.

iii. Suspension of collection and transmission of information

You may stop the collection and transmission of information by deleting (uninstalling) the App through the VR Device.

5. Request for Disclosure, Etc.; Inquiries

i. Request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, etc.

If you or your agent makes a request to disclose, correct, delete, or suspend the use of your personal information, the Company will comply with such request without delay to the extent possible in accordance with laws and regulations. If you wish to make such request, please contact the “Customer Information Disclosure and Inquiry Desk” set forth below.

ii. Inquiries

If you wish to make an inquiry, to discuss, or to file a complaint with regard to the handling of personal information with regard to the App, please contact the “Customer Information Disclosure and Inquiry Desk” set forth below.
Customer Information Disclosure and Inquiry

6. Administration Policy

i. Amendment of this Privacy Policy

The terms of this Privacy Policy may be revised or amended. Unless otherwise specified by the Company, the revised or amended Privacy Policy will come into effect when it is posted on this App.

Established on October 31, 2017