Computer technology and the internet have dramatically changed how people work, communicate and live. But for long periods of time, the communication between people and computer has been trapped in small, square screens.
VR has the power to alter people's lives.
We empower people to be in immersive experience and will change how people interact with things beyond the physical limitations using VR technologies and our creativity.
GREE VR Studio is a dedicated creative production house to develop inspiring VR experience and we are truly thrilled to bring innovation to the virtual world with our talented team.

We Make Virtual Reality for Real.



Fishing Star VR

Welcome to Panic Mansion VR

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR

Kyoryoku ! Ghost Attackers VR (Cooperation ! Ghost Attackers VR)

Taisen ! Hacha Mecha Stadium VR (Let's Play! Crazy VR Stadium)

Tomb of the Golems

Sydney and the Tomb of the Puppet Master

Sarah and the Viper’s Crown


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