News ReleaseStarted delivering “Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur” jointly developed with GREE and SQUARE ENIX from Steam. (Japanese content)

CoverageTech media “Seleck” published the interview of producer Masahi Watanabe and technical artist team. (Japanese content)

News ReleaseGREE and SQUARE ENIX co-developed a VR game title “Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur”, and will launch it next spring. (Japanese content)

News ReleaseGREE and ADORES have announced a business collaboration project, for the development of original VR arcade games and the opening of a VR amusement facility. (Japanese content)

OtherJapan VR Summit (JVRS) was held on May 10th 2016. See event report.

News ReleaseGREE starts distributing the new title for Gear VR “Tomb of the Golems”. (Japanese content)

News ReleaseGREE establishes “GVR Fund” mainly investing VR startups in the North US. (Japanese content)

OtherYoshihisa Hashimoto(ex-CTO of SQUARE ENIX, now CEO of LIBZENT Innovations) joined GREE VR Studio as a technical advisor, to accelerate our development of contents.

News ReleaseOn 10/May, GREE organize “Japan VR Summit(JVRS)”, the biggest VR conference in Japan. (Japanese content)

CoverageVR media “VR Inside” published the interview of our business development manager Taichiro Kiyosue and producer Masashi Watanabe. (Japanese content)

News ReleaseGREE and HTC built business collaboration of its virtual reality business. (Japanese content)

CoverageOur producer Masashi Watanabe and art director Paolino Luis were featured in the interview for Japan's first magazine specialized in VR, “VRFREEK”(issue Mar/2016). (Japanese content)

OtherOn 10/Mar, board director Eiji Araki will participate as a speaker in “HTC Vive Developer Summit ShenZhen 2016” at Shenzhen, China. (Japanese content)

OtherOn 18/Feb, board director Eiji Araki will participate as a panelist in “CNET Japan Live 2016”. The session is named “2016 will be the first year of VR business?” (Japanese content)

CoverageJapanese magazine for professional graphic designers “CGWORLD vol.210”(issue Feb/2016) featured our product “Sydney-to-Ayatsuriou-no-haka”.(Japanese content)

News ReleaseGREE opens the new production house “GREE VR Studio” to enter the Virtual Reality content business market.(Japanese content)

CoverageVR professional news media “MoguraVR” ppublished the interview of board director Eiji Araki and producer Masahi Watanabe.(Japanese content)